is the first social network about sport results.

You'll be able to find sport results of competitions from various levels and various countries.

There is 3 different Profile types in MySportRecords:
  • The Athlete for the results and individual monitoring of an athlete.

  • The Club for a year-by-year monitoring of the athletes from a referenced club.

  • The Competition for the results of referenced competitions.
To date, MySportRecords allows you to follow results of 3 sports:
  • Swimming

  • Triathlon

  • Running
We are in discussions for some new partnership to open up MySportRecords to new sports. We will keep you informed as we move forward!

All the sporting levels will be available on MysportRecords, from casual practice to Olympiads!

MySportRecords references in around fifteen countries. We hope, however, that this initial list will grow quickly and that MySportRecords will cover sport results worldwide.

If you have a licence in a club already referenced in MySportRecords, your Athlete Profile is already created! All you have to do is to search your Profile from the "Athlete" menu.

Take control of your Profile, then go in the settings menu, privacy and check the "Invisible Profile" box. You can still access and edit your data when you're logged in, but your profile is unavailable to others.

Sign up for MySportRecords will allow you to do some other cool stuff:
  • Comment results of your friends and your favorite athletes.
  • Add unreferenced results
  • Follow the feeds of your friends and favorite athletes.
You can take control of your personnal Profile. To do so, all you have to do is to sign up.
and type your licence number in the menu bar.

You can search for an Athlete , a Club or a Competition by typing a name in the search bar (top left of each page.)

There are several ways to find your results:
  • If you don't know the name of the Competition: go to your "Athlete" Profile and search it in the "Competition History".
  • If you know the name or part of the name of the Competition: use the Competition menu.
The most reliable list of results begins in 2011. However, for some sport disciplines we were able to back up to 1999! Les résultats les plus complets remontent à 2011. Cependant, pour certaines disciplines, nous remontons une partie des résultats jusqu'à 1999 !

No, you can't edit official results.

Of course! But please check that the competition is not already created by another user (How to find an Athlete, a Club or a Competition).
Once you are logged in, you'll find a menu "new performance" on top of your page.